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Vigor Shipyards

Doc. # Description
PPOTC00 [PDF] Subcontractor Manual
PPOTC10 7.0222 [PDF] Standard Terms and Conditions - Materials
PPOTC20 7.0223 [PDF] Additional Standard Terms and Conditions for Subcontractors
PPOTC30 [PDF] SubContractors / Contractors: TS-560 General Safety Rules for Working at Vigor Shipyards
PPOTC40 [PDF] SubContractors / Contractors: Safety and Environmental Issues for Working at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Bremerton) for Vigor Shipyards
PPOTC50 [PDF] SubContractors / Contractors: Security Instructions and Access Requirements for working at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Station Everett, and Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor
PPOTC60 6.2-13A [PDF] SubContractors / Contractors: Facial Hair Policy for Working at Vigor Shipyards
PPOTC70 [PDF] Paint and Solvent Title V Requirements applied at Vigor Shipyards
PM: 7.1-33 [DOC] Management of Government Property
PDOC40 [XLS] SubContractors / Contractors - Base Access and Visit Request
PDOC41 [XLS] Subcontractors / Contractors – Puget Sound Naval Shipyard CIA Access and Visit Request
0505-903B CH-4 [PDF] Industrial Process Instruction Category III
WAF TRAINING [PDF] Work Authorization Form and Tag Out Training
WAF TRAINING CVN [PDF] Information / Training Plan IAW 009-110