Bremerton, Washington

Vigor Bremerton, WA Facilities

Vigor expert teams maintain and modernize U.S. Navy aircraft carriers within the secure perimeters of the Navy’s Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS).

Facilities Specifications

Bremerton Facts

  • PSNS is the Pacific Northwest's largest Navy shore facility and one of Washington State's largest industrial installations
  • Adjacent to the Naval Base Kitsap homeport
  • Part of the region’s naval presence since 1891

Proud Naval Partners

  • Vigor industrial companies have executed Multi-Ship / Multi-Option (MSMO) contracts for more than 25 years
  • DPIA, PIA and other maintenance, services and cycles
  • Vigor Shipyards maintains carriers (CVN), destroyers (DDG), frigates (FFG) and other vessels here as well as at Naval Station Everett and at Vigor facilities in Seattle, Everett and Portland


  • Vigor Shipyards provides support and administrative offices off-base at 500 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton