Topside Repair

Topside Repair - Vigor Marine

Think of us as your SWAT team for expert topside ship repair. The people of Vigor Marine and Vigor Alaska stand ready to provide a full range of planned and emergent repairs, maintenance, and preservation in our extensive facilities and wherever our customers' vessels need work.

Strategically located up and down the West coast from Oregon to Alaska, Vigor companies offer extensive topside repair facilities as well as expert teams ready to be mobilized throughout the region to provide immediate topside solutions from the Pacific coast to Hawaii and beyond.

In Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, Vigor companies provide topside maintenance and repairs for all types of customers from single-vessel owners to entire fleets. Our people also provide expert maintenance for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and other government fleets.

Vigor Alaska and Vigor Marine. Topnotch topside repair, where and when you need it.